Junior Mountaineering Club of Scotland
(Glasgow Section)


Date: 3rd - 4th June 2022

Location: Strawberry Cottage

Convenor: Douglas McKeith

OS Map: 25

Grid Ref: NH132207

NH1320 : Strawberry Cottage by Ailith Stewart
NH1320 : Chilly morning at Strawberry Cottage by Jim Barton
NH1320 : Athnamulloch by Richard Webb
NH1320 : Strawberry Cottage and the bridge by Richard Webb
NH1320 : Athnamulloch, Glen Affric by Mike Pennington
NH1320 : Strawberry Cottage, Glen Affric by Leslie Manson
NH1320 : Strawberry Cottage by Richard Webb
NH1320 : Athnamulloch Bridge by Patrick Mackie
NH1320 : River Affric below Athnamulloch by Jim Barton
NH1320 : Glen na Ćche by Richard Webb
NH1320 : River Affric, by Strawberry Cottage by Craig Wallace
NH1320 : Athnamulloch and the footbridge over the Affric by Julian Paren
NH1320 : Athnamulloch by Richard Webb
NH1320 : Bridge on the River Affric by Roger McLachlan
NH1320 : Athnamulloch by Roger McLachlan

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