Junior Mountaineering Club of Scotland
(Glasgow Section)


Date: 26th - 27th July 2019

Location: Steall (8 places)

Convenor: Justine Carter

OS Map: 41

Grid Ref: NN177684

NN1768 : Cross if you dare! by Steve  Fareham
NN1768 : The wire rope bridge near Steall Falls by Steve  Fareham
NN1768 : Steall footbridge by Peter S
NN1768 : The wire bridge at Steall in 1960 by Mary Dalgetty Baxter
NN1768 : Steall Rope Bridge by Andrew Wood
NN1768 : Steall Wire Bridge from the Side by Sarah Charlesworth
NN1768 : Wire bridge over Water of Nevis by Stephen Sweeney
NN1768 : On the wire bridge at Steall by Russel Wills
NN1768 : Crossing the Steall Bridge by Richard Law
NN1768 : Crossing the River Nevis using the wire bridge by Elliott Simpson
NN1768 : Confluence of the Allt Coire a
NN1768 : Wire bridge at Steall by Jim Barton
NN1768 : Water of Nevis by Ian Taylor
NN1768 : Water of Nevis crossing by edward mcmaihin
NN1768 : Side-on view of the Steall footbridge by Peter S

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